Leader As Student

Last week, I shared with you the traits of the leader as teacher. This week we’ll examine the leader as a student. When our daughters left to go to college, my husband would write them a letter to guide their journey as a student. As I look back at these letters, I find they are […]

Tips Of The Leadership Trade

This fall, I will have the opportunity to speak at the Gwinnett Leadership Forum, on September 5, 2013. The Leadership Forum is all about helping local leaders connect to their highest potential – a mission that is right up my alley. Twice a year they bring in world-class leaders to share insights, tools and encouragement […]

Career Path? Life Path?

We often gain insight from questions we are asked. Particularly when the questions are on topics we were not thinking about at the time. Recently, I have been asked twice to describe my career path to groups of young leaders. Ostensibly, the young leaders were interested in how one gets to the position of CEO. […]

Life Lessons

The first step in finding your personal purpose for work and life is to look back over the experiences of your life thus far. If we rush forward, without time for reflection on what we have learned so far, we miss important lessons. “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” […]

Narcissism Comes Naturally

I worked for a narcissist early in my career. He shall remain nameless. He was a smart, experienced, and capable businessman. He was highly organized, disciplined, and paid close attention to details. He ran a good meeting, had a good planning process, and kept us on track to meet budget. He was married with a […]