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Interview with Joel Manby

This week I interviewed Joel Manby, CEO SeaWorld, on the topic of leading in tumultuous times — when leadership is anything but easy and convenient. Joel shares his perspective on serving your team well in difficult times. Don’t miss these important insights for your leadership. Tell me about a brave act

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How to Find Our Purpose in a Surprising Way

Purpose is the new conversation point, especially as Millennials are the new generational majority in our workplace. The reality: purpose is often discussed. From purpose-driven to purpose-centered, purpose continues to be a focal point. The difference may be in how it is playing an earlier role in careers, which is

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The Inconvenience of Leadership

The Inconvenience of Leadership Was it convenient for Winston Churchill to lead England through World War II? Was it convenient for Florence Nightingale to lead the nurses in the Crimean war? Was it convenient for Martin Luther King, Jr. to lead the fight for civil rights? Was it convenient for

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Find Your Inner Fearlessness

Guest post by Molly Fletcher Fearlessness is an engine that can get us to a goal and overcome the biggest obstacles. So how do we nurture it in our lives to get more of it? The fear part of our brain can adapt if we practice new habits—the same way

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Phil Cordell Interview

Meet Phil Cordell – Global Head, Focused Service Brands, Hilton Worldwide You are often referred to as a passionate leader.  Where does that passion come from?  Passion comes from the heart. As leaders, we’re often challenged to find a balance between “head and heart.” Obviously, we need to establish strategic

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Do you know why you lead?

By Mary Schaefer: Years ago my boss and I were talking about a controversial decision within the company. We in HR were charged with presenting it. It was not going be well received by the employee community. This news I could handle. The bigger issue for me was how the

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Passion and Personal Purpose: Lessons from Danielle Green

Last month, at the Popeyes International Franchise Conference, our theme was Voices of Bravery: The Bold Lead Change. As part of our inspiring speaker line-up, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Ms. Danielle Green. You may remember Danielle’s inspiring speech when she was given the Pat Tillman Award

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Question: How do I explain servant leadership to my team? Answer: The first step is you demonstrate servant leadership to your team. Last week I attended the Popeyes international franchise conference in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. This is the highlight of our year, as we gather with restaurant

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Interviewing My Boss

Today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to my “boss,” Mr. John Cranor, Chairman of the Popeyes board of directors. Over the last 8 years, John has been a great boss. He has challenged me, encouraged me, and listened to my ideas. He has made me feel valued

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Finding Courage in the Big Decision

Guest post by Paul Gustavson “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway” – John Wayne Have you ever faced making a difficult decision that you knew could change everything? Perhaps it was a decision that kept you up at night causing you to wonder and worry; a

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