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Q and A with Walter C. Rakowich

I had the opportunity this month to interview Walter C. Rakowich on the topic of transparency in the leader. Walt’s extensive experience at Prologis, Inc., as director of several educational and philanthropic organizations, and on the Global Leadership Council at Colorado State University made him an excellent choice to talk

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To Be or Not To Be . . . Transparent

There is one topic in the book I authored, Dare to Serve, that gets a disproportionate number of comments. It is the section where I tell the readers that I was summarily fired from my position as President, Chief Concept Officer of KFC in the fall of 2003. Readers tell

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Two Keys to Fostering Collaboration

 How well do your team leaders and team members collaborate during the workday? According to the cover story on the January/February 2016 issue of the Harvard Business Review, global organizations have seen a 50 percent increase over the past two decades in collaborative activities. The article notes that the time required

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Interview with Kirk Kinsell, CEO of Loews

Meet Kirk Kinsell, President & CEO of Loews Hotels & Resorts: Kirk, in your leadership experience, how important is the notion of collaboration in organizations – and how do you define it? I define collaboration as people – better yet, different groups of people – that work together on a common

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Collaboration Lessons From A Jazz Band

In seventh grade, I played piano in my junior high Jazz Band.  It was six or seven budding musicians – a sax, a couple horns, a clarinet, a bass, a piano and a drum set – and the band leader was our teacher. Our sound probably fell short of New

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Cheryl A. Bachelder Interview for Dina Dwyer

Last week I posted my interview of Dina Dwyer on coaching. When I asked her to answer these questions, she said ‘sure, as long as you will answer them too!’”  So I did.  In this week’s blog, you will find my personal take on the questions that I asked Dina

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Dina Dwyer-Owens Interview

Did you have a favorite coach or mentor in your career who invested in your development? I have so many mentors yet there are two favorites and I call them mom and dad. My father, Don Dwyer, Sr., taught me work ethic. Growing up in the Dwyer household was a

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The Challenge of Developing Great Leaders

I don’t know about you, but I have never figured out the difference between coaching and mentoring when talking about the development of leaders. I’m sure there is a difference – but whether you call it coaching or mentoring – I think developing great leaders is one of the most

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Negotiating the Challenges of Mentoring

Guest post by Chip R. Bell The word “mentor” comes from The Odyssey, written by the Greek poet Homer. As Odysseus is preparing to go fight the Trojan War, he realizes he is leaving behind his only heir, Telemachus. Since “Telie” (as he was probably known to his buddies) is

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What to do when the leader loses their mojo . . .

In the Q&A blogs, I answer a question that I have been asked recently by a developing leader. This month the question is: As a leader, what do you do when your passion wanes? Leadership can be demanding. Leaders can become weary, even exhausted. Passion can evaporate and we plod forward,

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